Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just dodging in

I'll have a more complete introductory post, and start blogging more regularly in a bit. In the meantime, I've had a lot of requests on the playschool6 to see my make-shift puzzle map "cabinet" and our home classroom (expect a post on why we decided to have a dedicated classroom). Here they are , and check back soon for more!

The puzzle rack is just a super-cheap shoe rack (it is much more stable this way than used as intended) turned on its side. Someday I may trim the legs and enclose it, but for now it's working quite well. I bought it at Fred Meyer for under $10. Savings: at least $80 from discount suppliers.

These pictures are from December, so quite a few of the works are different, but you get the general idea.

Science and Engineering Shelves

Dangling octopus with continent swap postcards.

Top shelf: My albums, circle time bell and song basket

Second shelf down: meteorology tray, random box added by dd I don't remember what's in, measuring work

Third shelf down: ecology tray, geology tray

Bottom shelf: What material is it made of?, flashlight assembly



Small tables for eating and working, though much work is done on the floor. Renoir was our Charlotte Mason art study focus, and the Renoir book is open to the pictures of the day (his self-portrait is hanging to the right). The black table has our "Living Things Tray" with an African violet and a mirror.

Science and Geography Shelves

Phases of Moon Poster

Draped across: Calendar, each page a month

Top Shelf: Continent and Land and Water Globes, very basic Children's Atlas focused on continents, Compass

Middle Shelf: Phases of Moon Cards, Zoology control tray

Bottom Shelf: Vertebrate/Invertebrate Sorting, North America box

Cabinet: Continent Map on top, my supplies in drawer, sheets and blankets in cupboard (ah, homeschooling)

Child armchair, basket of woolly socks and slippers (it's cold up here in the winter!)

Language and Toddler Shelves

Top shelf: Dump truck for initial sound sorting game

Second Shelf Down: Sound buckets, Rol 'n Write, and sandpaper letters of former letters of the week

Third Shelf Down - Letter of the Week: Sound bucket, paint bag for writing, sandpaper letter, Sound Box book, Sand tray, Do-a-Dot letters, dot-to-dot letters, letter find worksheets

Fourth Shelf Down - Toddler Works: 3-piece puzzle with knobs, 3-piece foam puzzle, Shape sorter (only the shapes for the top currently out), geometric solids, lacing frame hanging

Bottom Shelf - Jane Belk Moncure Sound Box books, Moveable alphabet

Math Shelves

Top Shelf: Teen bead hanger, counters with marked places beneath numbers

Second Shelf Down: Decimal introduction tray, binomial cube box

Bottom Shelf: 1-9 bead hanger, large wood shapes with rods that fit the appropriate number (toddler)

Underneath: Instalearn Hundred board, sandpaper numerals

Leaning: Magnetic teen board

Number Rods

Calendar with month's poem and day's weather card

Work Rug Basket

History, Language, Writing Prep Shelves

Top Shelf - history: In progress dd-made December calendar, tray of calendars and timepieces, clock, First Discovery Time book
Second Shelf Down - Language: Sequencing cards for storytelling, tow truck initial sound sorting, syllable counting
Third Shelf Down: Metal insets
Bottom Shelf: Latch board, parallel lines drawing
Leaning: Alphabet train animal sorting pockets

Sensorial Shelf

Bottom Shelf: Sock pairing and bundling, rough gradation board, brown stair

Second Shelf Up: Beads on horizontal bar (toddler), knobbed cylinder block and blindfold, sound cylindars

Third Shelf Up: Pink tower, constructive triangles, Pythagoras "board" (DIY of felt, no actual board)

Fourth Shelf up: Temperature tablets, tactile matching (sandpaper) tablets and blindfold, baric tablets

Right: Red rods

Practical Life

Top Shelf: Dustin mitt, water pitcher, glasses, and tray

Second Shelf Down: Nut and screw matching, double hole punch, origami tray, stereognostic bag, nesting tins, "beadlings" (those little beads you put on a small shape with pegs and iron), box of scissors and cutting work, marbles for picking up with toes (we needed a foot-permissible work)

Third Shelf Down: Soap grating, tonging into icecube tray, egg shell grinding, pompom color/size sorting, Mastermind game (toddler for placing pegs, preschool for matching patterns), water pouring (toddler)

Fourth Shelf Down: Clothes pins to put around bowl edge, rice pouring, spooning, water baster transfer, toothpicks in small hole (toddler), water pouring with funnel, noodle pouring (toddler), zipper and buttoning frame hanging

Bottom Shelf: Safety pin frame behind, geometric demonstration tray and cabinet, shapes in the world for matching cards, dust pan and whisk broom practice tray, Un Elephante song basket


  1. thankyou molly!!!
    such a lovely lovely space.
    and your geography rack is fabulous. I think I can find one similar from IKEA here in italy.

  2. Great Molly
    Hope to hear more from you. Your ideas, comments help me lots with my kids.