Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Guess She's Ready for The Cards

Pre has been working on the geometric cabinet a lot lately. The first time I gave her a lesson on how to use a drawer as a puzzle she proceeded to do every drawer in one sitting. She's not great at tracing around yet, and I need to represent that though her motor skills may not yet be quite there. With the cabinet, to help move to abstraction, the shapes are first matched to their wood frames, then placed on cards with solid shapes, thick outlined shapes, and finally thin outlined shapes. Kinde was beyond the cards that go with it when she came back home, so I haven't had practice figuring out when to present them and haven't brought them out yet. Then today at the zoo Pre was playing with a shape sorter with little difficulty when she noticed the sunspots below the holes. She started skipping the holes and did this

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture until it had been bumped, but they were all perfectly matched and lined up. I guess at least the filled in cards are no trouble! I'm debating which to bring out; should I still start with the solid shapes, or skip right to the thick line? She seems happy enough to do the solid work, so I may still start there. It may also be trickier if the shapes are more similar, as they are in the cabinet.

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