Friday, October 21, 2011

Same Work, Different Skills

Kinde has finally been rediscovering the sensorial works after basically a year hiatus in our transition from school to homeschool. She asked for a reminder on how to build the house out of red rods. I'm not sure if that's as common as the maze, but one her teacher had in a batch of photos they could try to duplicate. I showed her, she recreated it, and then used the pink cubes and brown rectangular prisms to "furnish" it. I can't remember what she said all the pieces were, but the one in the middle is the bed.

Pre then decided to get in on the action. She brought over some pasta we have in nice autumnal colors for pouring, and proceeded to carefully place one pasta piece on each sensorial piece. When she had leftovers she poured them in the "attic swimming pool". It was fun to see her find a developmentally appropriate aspect (one-to-one correspondence) to a work that is otherwise way beyond her.

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