Monday, October 10, 2011

Sound Object Collection

Kinde spent a year in a toddler room and then a year in primary at a Montessori school. As such, we're always working with a weird mix of things she's already done, things she might have done, and things I present. Our language path has been no different. She knew many of the sounds before she switched back home, but I never knew quite which. We used sound buckets... sort of. I had them all out since she had seen them all already. Then I tried having one at a time out. Then I pretty much gave up, as she rarely chose the work, only used it for pretend play (a BIG issue with everything when we started), and seemed to have good phonemic awareness. I do plan to use them with Pre, and will probably start playing I Spy with her very soon as her vocabulary seems to be getting big enough to think about anything other than its expansion.

We've been clearing out and packing in preparation for our move. I had been storing our sound object collection in the buckets, but that didn't seem likely to go well in moving. I have many other miniatures we use for various things, and it seemed useful to have a record of what was actually in the buckets. Even though it could easily change just from what I already have elsewhere for our next go-round with Pre, here's what we have at the moment:

a: anteater, astronaut, ant, aligator
b: bird, bell, bucket, butterfly
c: car, camel, cockroach, cat
d: dog, die, donkey, drum, duck
e: elephant, egg
f: feather, flag, frog
g: grape, gorilla, golf club, goat
h: heart, hat, helmet, horse, hippo
i: igloo, insect
j: jack-in-the-box, jar, jet
k: kangaroo, kettle, key
l: lion, lioness, lizard, lantern, ladybug
m: mirror, mushroom, mitten, milk, mug, mouse, marble
n: nickle, notebook, nut
o: octagon, otter, octopus
p: panther, pumpkin, pan, polar bear, pig
q: quarter, quartz
r: rainbow, ring, rug, racket, rhino, rug
s: salt, snake, squid, sled, spider, scorpion
t: truck, turtle, tree
u: umbrella
v: volcano, violin, vase, vacuum, valentine, vulture
w: wagon, wheel, wood, watermelon, wolf
x: box, six, fox, x-ray, ax, onyx
y: yo-yo, yield, yarn
z: zebra, zero, zig-zag

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