Thursday, March 29, 2012

Elementals Bits of Goodness Swap

I've gone back to my intention of graduating before blogging, but here are my latest Bits of Goodness swap items. The theme was "elementals". Here are some (grainy, sorry!) photos of my wood burned and water colored little gnomes with their wool felt hats. They've been lightly finished with beeswax.

Bowl of gnomes:

Gnome army:

Roaming gnomes:

They've been all bundled up in their clans (each swapper will get a set of four) and sent off.

This was my first woodburning. I've picked up and put back the kit at Joann's for years now, and finally found a project to justify it. I really liked it, though bent my "fine" tip immediately. It actually still works well, it's just different. I want to do more of this, though flatter items would be nice.

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