Friday, December 30, 2011

Bits of Goodness Advent Swap

The Advent swap was generally smaller items, both in effort and physical size. We were also allowed to have up to four slots. Please excuse the terrible image quality. Our camera was recently run over by the car, and until I save up I'm working with just my iPad.

Quilled snowflakes
- Paper

Mini I-Spy Vials (glued shut)
- Glass Beads
- Glass vials with real corks
- Glass bead or quilled paper hidden Christmas tree

Here's one of the trees:

Sun catchers
- Metal
- Crystal beads

I'm bummed the photo is so terrible, these were very pretty. ~2in long

Jingle Bell Wreaths (~ 2 in diameter)
- Metal bells
- Metal glitter pipe cleaners

Walnut Babies
- Wool
- Walnut shells

The set of trinkets we got in exchange was full of such cute things! We do more of an Advent(ure) style calendar (things to do rather than have), but it was awesome to pull out on the plane.

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