Friday, December 30, 2011

Other Bits of Goodness Swaps

These are the rest of the swaps I've done: Hedgehogs, Gnomes, and Mushrooms - Embroidered Cloth Covered Buttons - Metal button - Cotton muslin - Cotton embroidery thread These scenes are all from Jan Brett's book Hedgie's Surprise, and I included a small coloring book printed from her website for extra hedgehog fun.

Summer Nature Table - Needle Felted Hermit Crabs and Shell Babies - Wool - Shell - Drift wood from Alki Beach Rainbows - Mini Mobile - Glass beads - Metal (can't remember exactly what) I made two versions of this, pastel and bright. Sadly, none of the photos of the brights turned out even this well. Just For Moms - Necklaces (using a wire jig) - Silk ribbon - Metal (again unknown) - Glass bead Autumn Nature Table - Dreamcatchers - Metal ring - Leather - Glass beads - Cotton thread Bath - Felted Soap - Wool - Trader Joe's Bar Soap I will never do this again. I pretty much hated every moment of it, even once I got it working (I actually called Weaving Works part way through to make sure I hadn't accidentally purchased machine washable roving). I have wet felted before and enjoyed it, and have done a lot of needle felting and like it. I did not like wet felting or needle felting on soap. And the red/orange/yellow squashed octopus? That was supposed to be my amazing fiery sun.

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  1. Your items are just beautiful!! I was just looking at the hedgehog button earlier and trying to decide what I should use it for.. it has to be just perfect!! :)